Corporate Profile

Formerly known and set up in 2004 as XSDfloral Production and Training Services, we have rebranded ourselves in 2009 to establish The Media Skool to address the increasing trend to create new talents and to propel Singapore’s global positioning in the Media and Broadcast realm. It is important that the future of the country is given access and support to this exciting and challenging sector.

Media and Broadcasting Technology is a crucial key in turning the wheels towards a new frontier and The Media Skool is fuelled to bring the expertise and create a conducive all-rounded experience to the future of Singapore. With a proposed masterplan targeted at all Preschool, Primary and Secondary educational institutions in Singapore, we will bring the experts of the field, necessary equipments, set-up, fitted studios and experience to both the academic and commercial sectors in the region.

Our Mission

Granting access and firm support to everyone into the Media Broadcasting and Technology sector set in a fun and lively environment.

Our Vision

A leading Media Broadcasting institution for both the academic and commercial sectors in the region.