As a member of lighthouse production, i was being taught on video filming and editing skills as well as photography skills which definably helpful to my poly course.
I was glad to have the chance to handle various digital equipments and lighting when i was in lighthouse production and thus when i was handling projects in poly, i had no problem dealing with the equipments and applied the skills which i had learn in lighthouse.

Jaster Wong

With plans to branch out to other areas of advanced ICT and media skills and taking it to a whole new level, my school had engaged The Media Skool’s services to help with the setting up of our video production studio and also to conduct specialized media training for our pupils.
Having worked closely with The Media Skool for more than a year, they have prominently displayed and adhered to the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, customer service and knowledge in the media field.
On behalf of my school, I would like to thank you guys for the excellent service that you have provided and I hope our professional partnership will continue to grow exponentially.

Mohd Faizal

Being a former student in Lighthouse production has equipped me with various skills from video production to photography. Lighthouse production aroused an interest in me to continue learning more about video production in my poly days, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

It gave me an upperhand during my poly days because I have experienced handling various digital equipments in Lighthouse Production.

Rachael LeeFormer Lighthouse Production member

I’m formerly a students in Admiratly Secondary School and was delegated as the Leader of Lighthouse Production. Where we come across Filming and Video editing through this workshop.
After participating the workshop, my team had also join the anti drug campaign. That we had to come up with short advertisement on anti drug. We learn how to deal with filming, video editing, sound editing and many more.
Although my team did not manage to clinch any award,but we had learn skills through the workshop, skills that can be for furture use.

John Ye HuiHuang

I’m formerly a students in Admiralty Secondary School, and was delegated as the vice president of Lighthouse Production ( a CCA germane of both video and photo editing). I’m glad that my school have inaugurated the students with this workshop, as plenty of erudition was gain through this programme. An example of which is video editing.

After we acquire this skill, we represented the school to participate on the School Video Award a.k.a SVA. It is a competition of video filming and editing which is open to all MOE schools every once a year.

I’m proud to say that, for the first time participation of such authoritative and official filming competition, the team manage to clinch a silver award and i must say honour was indeed to be shared with this workshop, as it was them who guided us through this.

Goh Choon MengFormer students of Admiralty Secondary School