Game Design

Establish fundamental skills in game theory, game principles, level design to give students a better understanding of how to create games and allowing them to develop PC/mobile games upon completing the course.

  • Game Mechanics
  • Character Behaviour
  • Different type of Games Creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Game Documents
  • *NetworkGame(Online/Offline)

Different level of Game Design course according to your needs.

Novice (24 hours)

  • Understanding of game theory
  • Basic level designing
  • Explore basic fundamental art creation
  • Basic game principles to create a few simple playable games with saving & loading of game

Beginner(24 hours)

  • Understanding of game state management & game flow
  • Basic user interface designing
  • Understanding of Game Logic & game Mechanics
  • Creating basic high-score system
  • Implementing what they have learn in the course to create a few playable games of different genres with dynamic content

Intermediate (36 hours)

  • Basic understanding of character behavior and it uses
  • Understanding of game production cycle ,team management and their roles in preparing them for group work
  • Implement what they understand from this course to create their own playable prototype game with Game Concept Document
  • Perform Game analysis on their own game with play test document to enhance on their game

Advance (36 hours) *easier with prior knowledge in programming language

  • Basic Understanding of Computer Network
  • Scripting using Java/AS3/C# based on the engine used
  • Creating a simple game with Client Server Network (*Online/Offline)
  • Learning how to create Game Design Document to create their very own game with what they have learn in this course


*Online/Offline depend on engine and version used